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Announcing a new, even higher performance electric truck series: the E20-E50.

Wherever you use these unique new E-trucks, we have a model precisely matched to your needs – from the overall truck size and specific measurements to the driver assistance system and beyond. Allow us to show you the economic advantages of a truck made by Linde.
As you’ll soon discover, every truck made by Linde is
TOP for your job.
E35 - E50
Compare compact and standard
E35-50HL standard
Standard models:
- Longer vehicles have bigger batteries
- Longer battery life, freeing up reserve power
- Standard pool batteries can be used with the high models
E35-45H compact
Compact models:
- Separate model for confined areas and narrow aisles
- Excellent battery operating time
- Smaller battery, thanks to enhanced energy consumption.


Variety of types

Good fit, better fit, Linde:

We are the only supplier worldwide in a position to supply every model in the range in a low version – ideal for low entrances, container loading, and situations where the operator needs to repeatedly get on and off the vehicle, such as picking and packing. For ultimate flexibility, we can mix and match model specifications to suit your needs: select between ‘low and compact’, ‘low and standard’, ‘high and compact’ or ‘high and standard’.

  • For really tight areas and ultimate manoeuvrability, we recommend our compact models.
  • For maximum battery capacity and operating times, we recommend the longer models.
  • Multiple battery changing options

    We thought that making battery changes so simple and flexible was not enough. So whether you’re replacing the battery or just want to charge it, you can now plan your moves precisely: the display shows you to the precise minute how long you can keep driving the truck. The new Linde E20-E50 aims to answer your every need when it comes to battery changes. So Linde is unique in offering you the option of changing the battery from above or from the side.

    See more details: Batterymanagement

    Individual operating modes

    Individually adaptable to performance requirements

    There are times when you don’t need top-of-the-range performance, so every model comes with two additional operating modes as standard. These can be selected depending on requirements. This standard feature allows you to strike the perfect balance between performance and energy saving. Forklift truck testing – in which trucks are put through standard paces to see how they perform on a variety of everyday loading tasks, as certified by the German Technical Inspection Association (TÜV) – produces impressive results compared to three competitors: Linde trucks are by far the fastest and most powerful, in all operating modes!


    The cost saving efficiency of the 387/388 series is demonstrated by the increased uptime between services

    The drive axle incorporating:
    - Three-phase motor technology
    - Reduction gearing
    - Brakes

    All of which are maintenance-free

    At the first 1000 hour service interval (Change gearbox oil) and after 3,000 operating hours or 2 years, check the tilt cylinders and spring elements and change the ventilation, suction and pressure filters.
    The hydraulic oil only needs changing after 6,000 operating hours or 4 years


    Steering axle

    A reliable Linde steering axle

    All steering axles are made by Linde and made of robust spheroidal graphite steel. The axle is isolated from the counterweight by resilient axle bearings and the steering cylinder itself is well protected inside the counterweight. Nevertheless it can be easily lubricated.
    With the elevated mounting point and the large pivoting point the Linde steering axle provides an optimal contact on uneven ground.

    Twin drive

    The only 5t truck with dual motor front wheel drive for active steering in the market!

    You notice the unique advantages of a Linde forklift truck as soon as you take a large load off the rack and turn the steering wheel to full position. The rear wheels don’t slide (as is common with the competitors), they actively steer with you.
    This active steering function was achieved using a steering angle sensor. When the rear wheel angle exceeds 70°, the motor on the inside of the curve is told to counteract the wheel movement. The truck then turns around a point at the middle of the front axle – rather than outside the turning circle. This also reduces tyre wear and energy consumption.

    Traction control

    Traction control – as standard

    The Linde dual motor drive has paved the way for the first forklift truck with traction control. Slippery ground? No problem. The traction control system redistributes power individually between the 2 motors so that even if one of the wheels starts to slip, the truck has optimum traction – whatever the weather.

    Traction control:
    The traction control compares the rev of both wheels. When the difference increases, the number of revs will be adjusted through the controller.
    Electronic differential lock:
    If the controller notices that one tire is spinning under slippery conditions (i.e. ice) the power is reduced and the tire with grip receives the complete torque.


    The innovative mast concept

    The mast is mounted directly to the axle with maintenance-free spherical bearings and the axle is isolated from the chassis by resilient rubber mountings. Torsional forces from the mast are therefore transmitted directly to the drive wheels. No direct forces are transmitted to the chassis anymore.

    Electronic cushioning of tilt angle limits
    The tilt angle limits are electronically measured and cushioned. Due to cushioned tilt movements at end positions the need for mechanical end stops is eliminated.

    Outstanding visibility
    The top mounted tilt cylinders enable the use of slimmer mast profiles.The lift cylinders are mounted behind the mast sections.


    Self-activating parking brake

    Safe stops on the loading ramp thanks to the automatic parking brake

    Saving valuable energy that would otherwise be invested in reverse-current braking! If the truck stops, the parking brake is automatically activated. Drive away smoothly again, simply by depressing the accelerator pedal.

    Top mounted tilt cylinders

    The top-mounted tilt cylinder is not just built into Linde forklift trucks for appearances – it makes use of the laws of physics.

    Longer levers result in less force, placing equates to less stress on profile sections. As a result, the profile sections on the mast can be made slimmer, maximising visibility for the operator. Also, this mast concept offers an electronic tilt control and cushioning.

    Linde Forklift Data Management

    The modular Linde Forklift Data Management (LFM) enables you to effectively manage the access to your forklift truck fleet.

    Depending on the use case, it is possible to choose from several product modules:
    The Basic module LFM Linde Forklift Data Management delivers an analyzable access control system for forklift trucks.
    The Additional module LFM Usage Analysis delivers reports on the most important performance characteristics.
    The Additional module LFM Load Indicator enables a comparison between trucks, judging from the load levels the trucks are experiencing.

    Additional features:
    - Restriction of driver license validity
    - Drive speed reduction for untrained operators*
    - Meaningful maintenance planning
    - Transparency of forklift usage data
    * not available for all truck types

    Linde Driver Assistant

    Our Linde driver assistant knows a thing or two about tight corners:

    Drive too fast round a corner and it automatically decelerates the truck for you. Making sure everything makes it round every corner ends up in the right place – quickly and safely and smooth.

    Electronic steering angle sensor automatically reduces traction speed proportionally when truck is negotiating a turn.

    Innovative braking system

    If you want to offer the best trucks in terms of performance, you also have to offer the best in terms of brakes. As the leader in innovation, Linde is therefore developing a braking system with two braking circuits that complies with the STVZO (Road transport licensing regulations). One advantage can be seen in the braking characteristics when the EMERGENCY STOP button is pressed. This technology applies the braking pressure in such a way that the load remains firmly on the forks. On competitor models, the load is pushed over the forks at these critical moments and can become a serious hazard.


    Linde Load Control

    The combined benefits of Linde load control and the original Linde control valve

    Many have tried to replicate the look and feel of Linde load control but in functional terms, it’s simply inimitable. Combining the contact-free central control lever with the Linde control valve was a formula for success.
    Speed parameters for lift, lower and tilt can be adjusted to suit individual applications by the Linde service engineer. This allows the operator to control mast functions with the slightest movement of the hand, millimetre by millimetre.


    Reliable LED technology

    We now use long-lasting LED technology in our forklift trucks, right down to the optional working lamps – for up to 20,000 hours of use, not forgetting the energy this high-intensity lighting saves.


    Linde twin drive pedals for totally relaxed working in comfortable posture

    The unique Linde twin drive pedals allow seamless, instant and exact change of travel direction. Easy functioning, the right pedal for forward drive, left for reverse. The truck brakes automatically on releasing drive pedals

    Controller with integrated redundancy

    Safe controller – redundant safety thanks to twin processors

    Linde trucks come with active safety features such as twin processors within the controller. All control signals with a bearing on safety – such as driving and lifting – are monitored twice. That way, even in the unlikely event of a false signal coming from a single processor, the control command is halted. Even the ultra-stable aluminium housing around the controller provides its own unique kind of passive safety.


    Linde forks for optimal stability

    Linde Forks ensure an optimal load capacity and safety for all fork dimensions. Wide fork hanger forgings are mounted for an even distribution on the fork carrier. Due to additional material at stress points, minimal deflection and a long life time can be guaranteed.


    - ISO class 2 forks up to 1,800 mm length
    - ISO class 3 forks up to 2,000 mm length


    Overhead mounted switches with ease of use:

    Robust rocker switches for road lights, working lights, screen wipers and other functions. Switches are mounted overhead to be within easy reach for the operator.



    The new, ergonomic armrest

    The completely newly designed armrest is now easy and quick to be adjusted horizontally and vertically with a quick simple movement of the adjustment wheel. The integrated storage compartment has plenty of room for a mobile, gloves, a wallet and similar belongings.


    The new seat – all-round comfort for all

    Thanks to extra cushioning and a broader base, the optimised seat leaves nothing to be desired, including air-suspension.

    You can choose between four different types of seats:
    - standard
    - comfort
    - super comfort
    and super comfort active.

    Within these steps the seats differ in its additional features. With E35H/600 trucks and higher spec versions, we even offer active cooling.

    Linde allows every operator to find the optimum ergonomic and efficient working posture due to numerous easy and rapid adjustments.

    The real time indicator

    The display, now showing remaining driving time by the minute

    The remaining driving time on the display shows the exact number of minutes you can keep driving the forklift truck before changing or recharging the battery. To show this information is possible due to the fact that Linde is unique in measuring current and voltage.

    Decoupled operator compartment

    New realms of protection:

    By decoupling the drive axle and mast, optimising all isolation points, the operator compartment is shielded from vibrations, bumps and noises – helping prevent driver fatigue even after a long, hard shift.

    - Minimises vibrations, shocks and forces to the chassis
    - Mast/axle vibrations and forces are dissipated to drive wheels for quiet, stress- free working environment
    - Best in class concerning human vibrations


    The clipboard designed for right-handed and left-handed operators

    The new clipboard is mounted on a individually adjustable holder and can be removed via the magnets integrated in the holder. LED lights assure good readability.

    Steering Column

    Steering column with adjustable tilt

    Steering column tilt is adjustable as standard. To enable each operator to find optimum ergonomic driving position a telescopic steering column is available as option.

    Battery management

    vertical battery change

    Easy battery change from above

    We thought that making battery changes so simple and flexible was not enough. So whether you’re replacing the battery or just want to charge it, you can now plan your moves precisely: the display shows you to the precise minute how long you can keep driving the truck. The new Linde E20-E50 aims to answer you every need when it comes to battery changes. So Linde is unique in offering you the option of changing the battery from above or from the side.

    Horizontal battery change

    Easy battery change from the side

    We thought that making battery changes so simple and flexible was not enough. So whether you’re replacing the battery or just want to charge it, you can now plan your moves precisely: the display shows you to the precise minute how long you can keep driving the truck. The new Linde E20-E50 aims to answer you every need when it comes to battery changes. So Linde is unique in offering you the option of changing the battery from above or from the side.

    Onboard charger

    The shock-resistant, high frequency onboard charger

    Whether you use our trucks on uneven floors, in extremely dusty environments or the extreme cold, the onboard charger has what it takes.
    Open the rear cover, connect the cable - and before you know it, you can charge all types of batteries, wherever you’re using the truck - the onboard charger has been specially developed to get the job done!

    Active battery ventilation

    Automatic ventilation while recharging:

    Recharging the battery with a fully enclosed cab could not be easier. No more doors or battery covers in the way. Simply open the rear cover and plug in the cable. Long after the driver has finished his shift, a sensor is monitoring the automatic extraction of gases. These are then expelled through the back via the counterweight.

    Hinged battery hood

    Facilitated battery checking and charging

    Within a few easy steps you have full access to all the battery cells and battery connectors:

    Step one: release the battery cover lock
    (Step two: if fitted- open the rear screen)
    Step three: tilt the steering column and slide the seat backwards
    Step four: Hinge the battery cover